About Vision Seeker

I’m someone who’s trying to figure out why I exist, what is this thing called consciousness and how can I Awaken, and be at peace? No big deal, right?

I’m coming to believe that I’m a Spiritual Being having a physical experience.  I shared these words with a dying friend once because I believed them and I thought they’d bring peace to us.

I probably won’t be describing my physical ‘self’ here. I am realizing that I’m not a body, although it’s a vehicle that comes in very handy. 

And actually, if anyone reads this blog they’ll realize specific aspects of the outer ‘me’ and that’s fine.

In the meantime, I have a partner who knows he is his body and thinks he is his thoughts. He’s been diagnosed with OCPD (Not OCD) which has been a challenge for only one of us. (Well, okay.  When I push back he’s not too happy but otherwise it works for him.)

I’ve used this blog to try to come to terms with living with and understanding someone who is perpetually in ‘fear’; someone who wants desperately to do things the right way,  to be safe, to be frugal and to not waste time or effort in general.  Oh, and he wants this for me, too.

But mental illness is a tricky thing.  I recently read that people who have worked with the mentally ill come to realize that it’s all a matter of ‘degree’; that the only difference between them and the people ‘inside’ is that the caretakers have the ‘keys’ !

Someone wrote once:  ‘We are ALL just trying to find happiness’.

We simply take paths that go in many different directions,  They’re fueled by our individual perceptions and decisions, that create our version of reality.

I hope to find my true Path someday.  My only prerequisite?  That it is based on Truth!

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