The Proverbial Straw

I can’t continue counseling updates without giving a rather important update of a different nature. My OCPD DH and I had an argument on the way back from the airport recently (June 3) and before our 3rd counseling session (June 5th) which we still attended.

We had been arguing off and on, a lot. We hadn’t even been intimate for over 2 months which is actually unusual for us. Guess you could say things had been tense for a while.

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Second Counseling Session May 2013

Our second session with our psychologist went as well as the first.  Well, actually, it even went better.  We started off being asked what issue we’d like to work on.  We decided to talk about my not being able to make any decisions in our house.  There’s a few more major situations that I feel we need help with, but we agreed that this was a good start.

We were asked to state how this situation made us feel and then the other person would paraphrase what they ‘heard’.  We had done this in a ‘Couples Workshop’ that we had joined a few years ago and had even used the technique a few times when discussing a hot topic.  So, we began… Continue reading