Yikes! Can I truly believe these changes?

It’s been 21 days since I last posted here.

My OCPD DH and I were just (and I do mean ‘just’, as in… ’10 minutes ago’) making an appointment with a psychologist.  I had emailed my regular doctor and sent up a RED flag when things were going ‘south’ a few weeks ago, between my DH and me.  She made a referral with a clinical psychologist who is familiar with personality disorders but not specifically OCPD.  Ugh!!Anyway, I was on the phone and the only appointment they had was when we were going to be in New Mexico, next week.  My DH said we couldn’t make it and I was a little angry.  We had pushed back this trip for one week already, due to the annual-town-garbage-pickup, and my point was, apparently, the trip couldn’t be postponed for two more days…. why??

Well, as you can imagine, tempers flared but for some bizarre reason, I stayed calm.  My DH left the room and then came back saying some pretty incendiary things.  I said, ‘How productive and meaningful do you think this conversation is going to be?’  He continued and I simply rephrased my question.  He continued and I said, ‘Please, I don’t want to leave the house but if I have to, I will.’

He left the room.  I called the Mental Health office back and was going to take their next available date which was Mid-June… and just then, my DH slipped a note on my desk that said, ‘May 6 is OK’.

After I got off the phone, he had a smile.  His demeanor was sweet and his face was friendly and warm the way it is when he’s not bothered by anxiety from typical obsessive stuff!

He was able to do a ‘180’ in 5 minutes’ time!!  I can’t even rebound that fast!  Is this because we’re going to counseling and he doesn’t want any recent behaviors tarnishing his record?  Or is that cynical of me?

I don’t know but I’m really shocked, amazed and very hopeful!

THIS does not diminish the OCPD stuff that has surfaced recently but even those episodes were weak in strength and duration compared to what he’s demonstrated in the past.

This last week, we actually had a 2 1/2 year old running around the living room and DH stayed rather calm!!!

Hmmmm  Should I check for a POD outside our door? What have they done with my DH???  😉

One thought on “Yikes! Can I truly believe these changes?

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