Yikes! Can I truly believe these changes?

It’s been 21 days since I last posted here.

My OCPD DH and I were just (and I do mean ‘just’, as in… ’10 minutes ago’) making an appointment with a psychologist.  I had emailed my regular doctor and sent up a RED flag when things were going ‘south’ a few weeks ago, between my DH and me.  She made a referral with a clinical psychologist who is familiar with personality disorders but not specifically OCPD.  Ugh!! Continue reading

Good Talks Sometimes Lead Nowhere

It’s been only a day since we had that ‘really good’ discussion concerning my OCPD Husband’s difficulties with compromising.

We even sat together after breakfast, today, and read from the book:

Too Perfect: When Being in Control Gets Out of Control [Paperback]Jeannette Dewyze (Author), Allan Mallinger (Author).

Continue reading


Today was a good beginning.  My OCPD Husband read a long essay on what OCPD actually is and how Significant Others (SO) can learn to cope.  We talked about things that are important to both of us and at one point, he asked me how he could manage compromise.  I was thrilled that he was reaching out to find ways to deal with his thought processes and situations that cause him lots of tension.   Continue reading