I started this blog to better understand myself, and the people in my life.  I know my relationship with others has everything to do with the relationship I have with myself.

The ways in which I respond and relate to reality, or my perception of reality, decide who I am.  But each morning, as my mind rises to consciousness I feel the tether to all that I’ve already decided I ‘understand’.  Sleep remains and I see nothing.

That’s why I named my site: seeking clear vision.  I believe that my perception of reality, is reality, for me. The only thing I can change in this world is myself and that includes my thoughts, my emotions, my responses.

I have so many questions!  Why is it that I lapse quickly into a semi-comma and forget all the truths that I so carefully try to learn and live by?  How can I instantly vilify another human being when deep in my soul I know there is no sin, only unskillful attempts, while at the leading edge of our awareness, to navigate life?  How can I loathe myself when I know I am part of the Divine?

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